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Red Tulips and Cranberries

Red Tulips and Cranberries

Prod. Code: 104 0106 Original: 22x30; NFS/Artist's collection; Description: This is a painting of my Christmas bouquet which was loosely inspired by a florist’s postcard that I had on my bulletin board all year long. It was quite a large arrangement of 20 tulips, but I used my artistic license to edit the painting to 10. Many hours were spent on the details of the winter greens, cranberries and marbles…and they are what turned this painting into more than just another pretty picture of flowers. I also planted my first tulip bulbs this winter and the leaves have just recently come above ground…I’m looking forward to the blooms. I plan to do a series of tulip paintings this year. Archival Prints mat size 8x10 - $35.00 11x14 - $45.00 16x20 - $65.00 18x24 - $100.00 22x28 – $150.00 Cards – 5”x7” 1-5 - $4.75 each; 6-10 - $4.00 each; 11 + - $3.50 each.



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