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Farmers Market - Radishes, Leeks & Chard

Farmers Market - Radishes, Leeks & Chard

Prod. Code: 123 0511 Original 22x15 ; $1300 Description: After seeing some inspiring photos in a cooking magazine, I made a trip to the Livermore Farmers Market in search of something to paint. I carefully picked through the veggies to find the best specimens. Then I had to laugh as the lady quickly folded my carrot leaves to shove them in the bag after she nodded while I told her to be careful with them as I was going to paint them. Luckily, I was holding the Diakon radish safely out of her reach! When she figured out my dismay, she let me pick a new bunch of carrots. This painting was a welcome exercise of relative simplicity that included strong, bold shapes and colors and took 10 days to paint. Archival Prints: mat size: 8x10 - $35.00; 11x14 - $45.00; 16x20 - $65.00; 20x24 Limited Edition of 250 - $150.00; 28x22 Limited Edition of 250 – $175.00; 30x20 Limited Edition of 100 (Large/unmated) - $250.00. Cards – 5”x7”: 1-5 - $4.75 each; 6-10 - $4.00 each; 11 + - $3.50 each; E-mail wcbyshc@aol.com for questions or shipping charges.



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